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Since the inception of the salary cap, talk has always surrounded the inability to keep together the dynasty.  In Boston, it’s looking like we could be on the verge of seeing something special.

Personally, I’ve never been one to jump the gun.  When the Bruins were dominating the League throughout November, I wondered often how long it could really last.  When they finished the month without a regulation loss, I didn’t think it was a mirage, but maybe the result of one of those incredible hot streaks we see teams go on throughout the season year in and year out.  Then December came, and the Bruins continued to win.

It’s January 9th.  The Boston Bruins record is 27-10-1. Since the end of an October that saw every hockey fan scratching their head as to what was “wrong” in Boston, the Bruins have gone 24-3-1.

That’s good, right?

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It was announced on Thursday that the landscape for National Hockey League media is changing — and in the best way possible.

NBC, along with Ross Greenburg, have teamed up with the NHL and have created NHL Original Productions, a venture that will produce a wide array of long and short hockey based programming.

Greenburg, a 51-time Emmy Award winner, teaming with the NHL gives fans hope that more programming similar to HBO’s 24/7: Road to the Winter Classic and Broad Street Bullies will continue to see the light of day.  In getting Greenburg to work with NHL Original Productions is an absolute steal for the league, as his work on each production for the NHL to this point has been of the highest calibre.

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It is a night Mark Howe, Ed Belfour, Doug Gilmour, and Joe Nieuwendyk will never forget — the night they will be enshrined amongst hockey legends in the Hall of Fame.

Between the four, the list of accolades reads longer than most would expect.  Five Stanley Cups, a Conn Smythe, a Selke, two Calders, two Vezinas, four Jennings, and an unprecedented fifteen All-Star game appearances.  This class is nothing to scoff at, and you can believe when they read the list of awards shared amongst these men there will be some with widened eyes.

Through all of this, however, there seems to be something missing.

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House of Payne

November 7, 2011 — Leave a comment

In St. Louis all signs were pointing to the beginning of something great. The pieces were in place; Halak in goal, Oshie, Backes, Steen, and Stewart up front, Shattenkirk, Pietrangelo, and Jackman on the backend. It was a team with high hopes coming into this season, and fact of the matter is they weren’t getting it done.

For some, it was a shocking move. It came out of nowhere in the middle of a Sunday evening, and the new hire was seemingly pried from his obvious destination.

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Polite, soft spoken, and cliched.

If you were to describe an NHL bench boss, or any player for that matter, those would be the three words that you would most likely use.  Coaching styles and methodology aside, these guys are cookie cutter professionals.  They say the right things, they do the right things, and you can almost pinpoint what they are going to say before they say it.

Tough loss?

“We need to be better,” the Coach says, “They beat us to pucks.  We need to work on our PP/PK.  We need to be more accountable for our mistakes, shake off this loss, and move on and focus on the next game.”

Big win?

“The guys played well, they were moving their legs, getting to the tough areas,” says Coach of the Anytown Anybodies.

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