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Rule 48.

To anyone who has watched a game live, on television, or even caught a highlight, Rule 48 — the NHL’s answer to the hit to the head epidemic that has ruled headlines regarding the league for the better part of two years — means much more than just a simple rule change that aids in the safety of its players.  By inducing the rule, the NHL has begun to attempt to instill an environment in which the players safety is taken into great consideration through the removal of, as NHL Rule 48.1 in the NHL’s Official Rulebook states, “lateral or blind side [hits] to an opponent where the head is targeted and/or the principal point of contact is not permitted.”

Through this amendment to the rulebook, there are many who believe the NHL could be seeing an entire culture change coming in the near future.  The removal of hits of this ilk, though without question a step in the right direction for the league, has begun to bring to the forefront more issues, those related to contact — period — being taken from the game.

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In 2004, the NHL’s entry draft wasn’t much about who would be selected with the first two picks — for all involved it was almost a lock.  Alexander Ovechkin, the enthralling talent certain to be a star in the NHL, was going to go first overall to the Washington Capitals and Evgeni Malkin, the enigmatic centerman who was very much in the shadow of Ovechkin heading into the draft, had been pegged as the Pittsburgh Penguins pick long before draft day.

The speculation that surrounded the draft, however, was the order of the picks after that.  Juxtaposed to the situation in which Washington and Pittsburgh had been thrust, the Chicago Blackhawks had the arduous task of selecting third in a draft class that had uncertainty surrounding many of the picks outside the top two.  Yet, when Dale Tallon, Chicago’s general manager at the time, approached the podium on draft day, he promptly made his selection choosing Cam Barker of the WHL’s Medicine Hat Tigers.  The selection, at the time, made sense in a situation where the ‘Hawks were in the midst of a massive rebuild.

Immediately after the pick had been made by Tallon and his Blackhawks and Barker et al had cleared the stage, Gary Bettman approached the microphone atop the podium to announce a trade.

The Columbus Blue Jackets, pegged to select fourth overall had dealt away their pick.  The deal, made with the draft host Carolina Hurricanes, sent the crowd into an eruption of cheers.  In exchange for Columbus’ fourth overall pick, Carolina traded the eighth and fifty-ninth overall selections of that days draft.  The eighth pick would become winger Alexandre Picard, the fifty-ninth would turn into defenseman Kyle Wharton.

With Bettman away from the podium, it was the hometown Carolina Hurricanes turn to approach the stage and make their first selection of the ’04 Entry Draft.

Ladd, selected fourth overall, is the only 2004 First Rounder to have a Stanley Cup ring, let alone two.

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